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This year all professionals from private sector, public sector and NGOs gather to discuss about the centrality of ESD and its potential to leverage economic growth. With support of several key stakeholders this event becomes a landmark event that all professionals concerned about Economic Development and ESD need to gather in Sandton for this important discussion. Among other topics the event will cover issues around Innovative Funding and Support, Supplier Development, Strategic Sourcing, Localisation as well as Government Initiatives in this space. Procurement and Supply Chain professionals will be enlightened on climate change and its impact on the Global Supply Chain and how investing in ESD and Localisation can be a step towards responding to global scarcity and building a supplier base that is central for future operations in a risk and ever shrinking globe. This year’s event will be cornerstone for practitioners to discuss these critical issues in a bid to find solutions and create ED and ESD strategies that work towards transformation of our economy and building a sustainable future.

ESD is the focal point and an engine to support economic growth and national development goals. With rising unemployment and the economic downturn, it is imperative for organisations to support local emerging businesses for economic growth to happen and be sustained. The National Development Plan also echoes the sentiments that if development targets are to be met in South Africa corporates play a critical role. Transformation initiatives by corporates should not only be taken as a compliance issue but a developmental issue.  It is worth noting that transformation is not only happening in RSA but it is a global phenomenon that several countries are implementing  and embracing as it has potential to rebuild a stable domestic and local economic base.

Globally, economic policies have shifted towards supporting enterprise development, entrepreneurship and small to medium enterprises. These initiatives are key drivers for economic growth and reducing the rising unemployment. African Governments are taking real steps to improve the climate for entrepreneurs and establish better partnerships with corporates in ensuring better delivery. ESD is thus a tool for economic growth than a compliance issue as it leads to meaningful participation of the SMME, especially those owned by women and youth who are part of the vulnerable and marginalised groups of our society.



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