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Mastering the art of public speaking in order to deliver dynamic business presentations and have greater influence over an audience is vital for business success, especially for entrepreneurs. When presenting a business proposal or making a sales-pitch to prospective clients; this is when you are judged the most and your presentation and communication skills can either make or break a positive outcome.

With this in mind, the Executive Speaker Programme has been strategically designed by Henley Business School and the Unique Speaker Bureau to train entrepreneurs to communicate at their best, at every occasion. Facilitated by four of South Africa’s top professional speakers - Lynn Baker, Michael Jackson, Ryan Hogarth and Shelley Walters – the programme includes 8 modules over a 9 week period, covering the essential components to mastering the art of public speaking.

Paul Mc Connon, Director of Unique Speaker Bureau, comments: “We have combined the skills, knowledge and expertise of four of South Africa’s top international speakers to bring entrepreneurs a course that is highly dynamic and significantly focussed on shifting them to the next level of public speaking and business success.”

Through experiential exercises and small group activities, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to put new techniques into practice and enhance their ability to speak with confidence, poise, clarity and conviction. In addition to this, delegates are encouraged to foster these skills through the unique opportunity to present numerous times in front of peers and coaches and receive immediate feedback on content and delivery. The final session of the course culminates in an exclusive opportunity to deliver a 10-minute presentation to all the facilitators, Henley Management and staff, the Unique Speaker Bureau management and sales team, as well as selected VIP corporate clients. 

More about the Programme

The Executive Speaker Programme will take place from the 4th of April to the 7th of June 2016 over 8 sessions. The course covers the key aspects of planning, preparing and performing a professional presentation, as well as how to enhance your personal brand.

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