Potential benefits to industrial applications

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Potential benefits to industrial applications

As an alternative energy source, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is cleaner, safer, cheaper and more efficient than other conventional fuel sources. It is an energy source that can significantly reduce both the costs and carbon emissions of your business. With reliable supply, and consistent quality, CNG eliminates the uncertainty associated with the regular price fluctuations of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), diesel and paraffin; thus affording you greater control of business operations across the board.

South Africa has access to large volumes of natural gas and should be utilised by far more entities. Unfortunately there is a challenge surrounding accessibility due to a severely limited supply network. This is where Virtual Gas Network offers significant benefits to the industrial & commercial sector. Introduced to South Africa in 2009 by Virtual Gas Network (Pty) Ltd, in partnership with leading equipment manufacturers, CNG can be transported directly to the customer negating the need to be on the national gas grid. Reliable, consistent supply at fixed monthly prices enables long-term, strategic financial and operational planning not possible with other conventional price-volatile fuel products. 

CNG can be used for a vast number of applications requiring a fuel or energy source such as heating, cooling, power generation, Burners, Furnaces, Ovens, Boilers vehicles and fleet applications, used in other industrial, commercial and domestic consumptions.  Using specially designed tube trailers and transported via trucks to “Daughter stations” (on customer sites ) this system is able to provide a continuous, dedicated supply of CNG to customers who are too far to draw from an existing gas pipeline, large industrial and commercial customers situated within a 300km radius of a CNG compression station and smaller customers who form part of a larger distribution network, such as industrial parks, housing developments and mixed use developments, all of whom want to switch and save.

CNG not only offers environmental benefits to the industrial sector such as a cleaner burning energy source, reduced emissions and carbon credits but provides enormous operational benefits as well. By utilising CNG industrial plants can operate on a consistent energy supply, reduce losses due to fuel source theft, improve safety as well as increase the life-span of equipment, improve equipment efficiency and downtime and overall reduced operating costs.  This energy source has been tried and tested internationally and through the innovative fixed-trailer transport system of Virtual Gas Network (Pty) Ltd (VGN), industrial customers who are not on existing gas pipelines now have access to the benefits of CNG via a virtual gas distribution network.

CNG Holdings works with the public and private sector to unlock access to the country’s Compressed Natural Gas to provide industry with cleaner, more environmentally-friendly fuel. CNG Holdings comprises of 3 companies, Virtual Gas Network (Pty) Ltd (VGN) which supplies compressed natural gas to customers via a virtual gas distribution network. NGV Gas (Pty) Ltd provides turnkey solutions for fleet owners requiring a proven and eco-friendly energy source that is cleaner and more cost effective than petrol, diesel or LPG.  CNG Technology (Pty) Ltd supplies all necessary natural gas equipment and technologies to customers and fleet operators, enabling them to use natural gas as an alternative fuel.




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