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$100, $10k or £10k minimum to invest – Commercial or Residential Real Estate – now you too, everyone, has access to the best opportunities globally

Freedom Day! Today the South African public celebrates their freedom and commemorates the first post-apartheid elections held on 27 April 1994. The elections were the first non-racial national elections where everyone of voting age of over 18 from any race group, was allowed to vote.

Freedom! Today Wealth Migrate announce that through technology it brings financial freedom to the South African public.  Technology continues to disrupt industries around the world. Only look at what Apple and iTunes have done to music, AirBnB to hotel accommodation, digital camera’s to Kodak, Uber to transport and now it is having the same impact on real estate globally. When technology disrupts an industry it effectively does three things in principle:

  1. Vastly reduces the costs;
  2. Cuts out all the middlemen;
  3. Increases the accessibility, efficient, transparency and ultimately trust.

Look at all the examples above and you will understand that these are the three underlying fundamentals and then you will understand what is happening in FinTech globally. However, we are specifically interested and focused in technology disrupting global real estate, a $13.6 trillion market.

Wealth Migrate Launches A Global First: An Exchange Traded Property Crowd Funded Share.  Wealth Migrate has incorporated a standalone entity, Wealth Migrate PCC Limited, managed by a board including a majority of Independent Directors that will list multiple single or small groups of property assets that will be legally ring fenced from each other. The capital raising will be done via licensed brokers through the property crowd funding platform, providing investors with access to world class assets and a phenomenal user experience that is seamlessly integrated into the securities exchange.

For the first time property crowd funding investors will be able to trade their shares in the regulated exchange environment with the benefit of transparent price discovery and market depth.

Put simply, what investors are buying is a listed share. This not only provides investors with the enhanced levels of scrutiny and regulation associated with a listed company but also the ability to trade their shares on the secondary market with proper price discovery and transparency.

Wealth Migrate in partnership with the exchange and its listing sponsor has developed a cost effective way to provide the enhanced regulatory environment, shareholder protection and liquidity of a listed equity to the benefit of its investors.

Hilda Lunderstedt, CEO Wealth Migrate SA says “With time, as the platform and technology are being developed, there will ultimately be true democratization where a Massai Warrior in Africa, a single mother in China or a rickshaw driver in India, through their mobile phone, will be able to simply and safely invest with $1 in the same type of opportunity in New York, which was formerly only available to Donald Trump and his friends. Our dream is to keep driving this process globally and ultimately put the power of a Family Office in every single person’s pocket.” 

Scott Picken, Founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate said, “This is a massive milestone for everyone. I wrote a dissertation on how technology could revolutionize construction and real estate in 1998, did a masters on the same topic in 2001 in London and have been building this solution since 2002. As you can imagine the barriers to entry are extremely high, the compliance and regulatory environment is very complex and that is before you go about finding quality partners and opportunities on different continents. I am very grateful to our amazing global team who have stayed the course on the vision, to democratize access to the best opportunities and partners globally in real estate, and thus wealth, to anyone.” 

Jaco Maritz, Wealth Migrate CIO says, “For now the minimum investment will be $10 000 or £10 000 in commercial or residential opportunities in the UK, Australia and the USA, and this is merely to manage the platform dealing with volume. However, to be very clear on our intention, investors can register their interest to invest from as little as $100 and at least 100 investors will be able to participate in April at this minimum investment level of $100.”

Just like technology has done to so many other industries, this disruption truly is in the best interests of the global investors and real estate providers, cutting the costs, reducing the middlemen and increasing the accessibility, efficiency, transparency and ultimately trust. Hennie Bezuidenhoudt, Wealth Migrate Co-Founder and Chairmen says, “The world finds itself in an interesting space economically and many investors are seeking safety and alternative investments. Many are wary of their financial markets and are seeking the safety of fixed income and direct real estate. The market however we are most interested and focused on, is the hundreds of millions or billions of investors who are based in the emerging markets who want to have wealth preservation, safety and peace of mind of investing in direct real estate in the first world. I am an extremely high net-worth investor and I know how hard it was for me to invest internationally, taking me more than a decade and a huge amount of money to figure it out. I know it is basically impossible for most. We can now change that.”

Jay Thomson, Wealth Migrate Chief Digital Officer says, “Now we have truly digitized it, deceptively built the solution and now plan to completely disrupt this space as we provide a solution to a massive problem the middle class in the emerging world has faced for decades, creating an entirely new market. Whether you are in Shanghai, South Africa or Sau Paulo you now have access to the best opportunities in the first world in global real estate with the use of technology. If you a world class real estate partner in the first world you now also have access to global investors.”



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