Africa’s Capital Cities unite in search of truly African answers to sustainability imperative at the urban scale

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Africa’s Capital Cities unite in search of truly African answers to sustainability imperative at the urban scale

Collaboratively addressing the sustainability imperative arising from the myriad, and increasing, urbanisation challenges facing African cities lies at the heart of the 2nd annual African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum (ACCSF) taking place this year on 31 May as part of Sustainability Week 2016 in Tshwane.

Africa’s high rate of urbanisation poses several challenges to the development of cities, with rampant urban sprawl and infrastructure that is unable to cope with development speed, while simultaneously posing social challenges and environmental damages. Poverty alleviation, good governance, education, social cohesion, food security, sanitation, safety, mobility, energy and water, green economy, infrastructure, waste management and sustainability at the urban scale are all relevant subjects that need to be understood and embraced in order to derive competitive and liveable capital cities.

In an effort to maintain the momentum established at last year’s inaugural ACCSF, imploring African mayors to make good on the Tshwane Declaration (available at signed there, 20 African city mayors have already confirmed their attendance at ACCSF 2016 where they will present to professionals, civil society, NGOs and government officials the relevant initiatives, policies and projects implemented in their countries since signing the declaration. Attending honourable mayors, mayoral delegations and mayoral representatives from the following capital cities have confirmed their attendance:


·         Algeria: Mayor of Algiers Abdelhakim Bettache

·         Benin: Mayor of Porto Novo, Emmanuel Zossou

·         Botswana: Mayor of Gaborone, Kagiso Thutlwe

·         Burkina Faso: International Affairs Director, Adama Zerbo

·         Burundi: Mayor of Bujumbura, Freddy Mbonimpa

·         Central African Republic: Mayor of Bangui, Yacinthe Marie de Fatima Wodobode

·         Comoros: Mayor of Moroni, Mohamed Daoudou

·         Gabon: First Deputy Mayor of the sixtieth district of the City of Libreville, Wilfried Ghislain


·         Gabon: Fourth Deputy Mayor of the City of Libreville, Julien Floren Assoumou Akue

·         Gambia: Mayor of Banjul, Abdoulie Bah

·         Lesotho: Mayor of Maseru, Masechaba Theodora Makong

·         Liberia: Mayor of Buchanan, Julia K Bono

·         Liberia: Mayor of Monrovia, Clara Doe-Mvogo

·         Malawi: Mayor of Lilongwe, Willie Edward Chapondera

·         Mali: Mayor of Bamako, Mamadou Sidibé

·         Morocco: Mayor of Rabat, Mohammed Sadiki

·         Namibia: Mayor of Windhoek, Muesee Kazapua

·         Senegal: City Representative of Dakar, Cheick Gueye

·         Somalia: Mayor of Mogadishu, Yusuf Hussein Jimale

·         South Sudan: Mayor of Juba, Stephen Wani Michael Kaya

·         Sudan: Commissioner of Khartoum North, Hasan Mohamed Hasan

·         Swaziland: Mayor of Mbabane, Benito Jones

·         Tanzania: Mayor of Dodoma, Jafari Mwanyemba

·         Togo: Special Delegate of the 2nd District of Lome, Koffigan Gabienu Hukporti

·         Zambia: Acting district officer, Trophius Kufanga

·         Zimbabwe: Mayor of Harare, Bernard Manyenyeni



“One of the key outcomes of the African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum is the establishment of a network of African local government leaders, which, through ongoing engagement and sharing, can have a significant and positive effect on how our African cities develop,” says Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Honourable Councillor Kgosientso Ramokgopa, esteemed host of the Forum. “And what better time than Africa Month, celebrated this year under the theme ‘Building a Better Africa and a Better World: For Peace and Friendship’ to bring such prominent thought leaders together as a show of solidarity and unity for the prosperity of our continent and our people”.

The ACCSF gives delegates the opportunity to re-commit to increased leadership roles in their cities; it is where technical advisors and implementers can share a platform, network, celebrate successes, deliberate, discuss, share and learn from shared local and international experiences, perspectives and innovations across numerous disciplines and sectors, all while agreeing on matters of leadership in relation to sustainable cities on the urban scale, establishing a baseline of progress on the continent, and showcasing successful examples in order to benefit from mutual experiences and learnings.

The intention is that such interaction may lead towards the emergence of true African excellence in relation to urban development, and that through the natural leadership position of capital cities, innovations will be passed on to other African cities.

“African cities, capital as well as secondary, are by and large facing problems of a similar nature and, in doing so, formulating a diverse and broad range of responses to enable them to ‘survive’ urbanisation, while at the same time providing a safe, liveable, sustainable, productive and efficient environment for their citizens,” says Councillor Ramokgopa. “At the same time, we have the propensity to rise up as the world’s most liveable cities. Together we are armed with a shared wisdom supported by appropriate policies, by design ingenuity, innovation, technical proficiency, robust implementation mechanisms and adequate infrastructural investments that can enable our citizens to prosper in healthy urban environments.”

“As leaders in some of the most rapidly developing cities in the world, it’s our shared responsibility to ensure that our cities develop sustainably. It is up to us to ensure a positive socio-economic transformation and sustainable improvement to the living and working conditions of the people of Africa in the long term, and in a truly, and uniquely, African-style. This is arguably the most important objective for our cities, for our continent, and indeed for the planet as a whole.”

For further information on the African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum (ACCSF), or to read the 2015 Tshwane Declaration, visit

For further information on Sustainability Week 2016 taking place at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Tshwane from 31 May to 02 June 2016 which will see such notable seminars such as the Green Building Conference, the Sustainable Infrastructure Seminar, Food Security Seminar, Green Business Seminar, Sustainability in Mining Seminar, the Green Home Fair, Vision Zero Waste Seminar, Sustainable Water Seminar, Youth & the Green Economy Seminar, Transport Energy Seminar, Transport & Mobility Seminar, the Responsible Tourism Dialogue and the Sustainable Manufacturing Seminar, visit


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