Openserve welcomes its Networks team into the fold

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Openserve welcomes its Networks team into the fold

7th of June marks the formal integration of the Networks organisation from Telkom into the newest brand in the Group, Openserve. More than 8 600 employees from the network division will join Openserve, South Africa’s largest communications infrastructure provider with the biggest broadband network.

In October 2015, Openserve was launched as the redesigned wholesale division of the Telkom group, in what was the first step in journey towards separating the Wholesale and Networks business, from the rest of the company. The staff being transferred is mainly the engineers and technicians that are responsible for Technology and network strategy, Planning, Engineering, build as well as fulfilment and assurance of both the core and the access network, says Alphonzo Samuels, CEO of Openserve.

“When we say our vision is to be an open connectivity provider people can count on, we are addressing a national imperative – to address the digital divide and to democratise broadband access. It is a wonderful opportunity to help grow the country we call home and it is a critical opportunity to build a sustainable business,” said Samuels.

Samuels emphasised to the South African public that the integration will touch more than just our staff in the field. Over time, Openserve branding will also be visible on its extensive network infrastructure and vehicles across the country.

“Increasingly our technicians and outsourced partners will arrive at your premises to install services or effect repairs, on behalf of your preferred Service Provider, in Openserve-branded uniforms and vehicles.” said Samuels. The phased rebranding of the Networks teams will take a few months. Should any customer wish to verify the authenticity of a visiting technician, the customer should please request the Openserve identification, from the technician.

“We would like to thank all South Africans for their patience as we complete this brand move. Please make use of our toll free number, 0800 47 47 47, if you wish to verify any of our employees. Also, please remember that our technicians must be able to cite you a project, order or fault reference number upon arrival at your premises,” concluded Samuels.

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