INSPIRING INNOVATIVE THINKING Plastics|SA hosts first annual Innovation Forum

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INSPIRING INNOVATIVE THINKING Plastics|SA hosts first annual Innovation Forum

Johannesburg.  Plastics|SA recently held the first of what will now be an annual Innovation Forum, in which thought leaders and innovation catalysts were invited to share some of their secrets to their success and lessons learnt with members of the plastics and packaging industries.

“We believe that innovation is what distinguishes a leader from a follower,” said Kirtida Bhana, Training Executive of Plastics|SA. “To this end, we wanted to create a platform that will allow us to learn from innovation catalysts who have managed to gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries through an ability to ‘think outside the box’”.

The event was offered to industry members at no fee, and took place at Plastics|SA’s head office in Midrand.  More than 75 members of industry, the media and other interested parties were spellbound as they got to interact with the speakers who presented on a wide variety of different topics:

  • Renier Snyman of DPI Plastics who presented on “Pipes with a difference”
  • Chaba Kgopotso of DOW Southern Africa who presented on “Innovations in the material world”
  • Grant Neser of Jojo tanks on “What is JOJO doing differently?”
  • Emily Masigo from Destination Green entitled her talk, “Let’s talk rubbish – recycling in Tembisa”
  • Stephan de Villiers of PESC (Productivity Engineering Services and Consulting)
  • A video from Valpre, was also shown entitled “The Unexpected Truth’

Bhana said that they were very pleased with the outcome of their first Innovation Forum, as the feedback they had received from the attendees was that they left the meeting feeling inspired and motivated.  “The plastics industry is waking up to the reality of the importance of having a big vision and taking small steps to get there. The future of the plastics industry does not rely on a single grand innovation, but upon a lot of little innovations: every day, every week, every month, making something a little bit better,” she concluded.

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