Tanzania - Moladi technology to fast track construction of court buildings

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Tanzania - Moladi technology to fast track construction of court buildings

As the public awaits the much talked and awaited special court to try corruption and economic sabotage suspects, the chief justice assured the public that the government was however working to build more courts across the country to improve service delivery.

Figures from the High Court of Tanzania show there were 3,963 wards and 139 districts across the country in addition to 960 and 27 court buildings for primary and district courts respectively.

This means there is a deficit of 3,115 courts across the country. “Court buildings are in bad condition. We have been forced to close many buildings that were previously being used as courts since they don’t meet the requirements,” he told reporters.

Mr Othman added that the government has allocated 24 billion- to improve the courts’ infrastructures. “The judiciary is also working with Ardhi University and National Construction Council in a pilot project using Moladi technology to fast track construction of court buildings”.

He said the pilot project is now carried out at Kibaha, Kigamboni, Kawe, Kinyerezi, Mkuranga and Bagamoyo to examine how effective and cost-cutting the technology can be for court buildings.

While the conventional methods take more than 180 days (minimum), Moladi technology is projected to take less than 76 days for an 1,168 square-metre floor area. The Judiciary’s Civil Engineer explained that when the technology is applied, it can cut down costs by 50 per cent.


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