Spend less time charging batteries and get more work done

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Spend less time charging batteries and get more work done

Ensuring that batteries are ready for use is a thing of the past thanks to Bosch’s L-Boxx. A 2.0 Ah battery can be 100% charged in 45 minutes, allowing tradespeople to work without interruption ‒ even in demanding and time-consuming tasks.

The L-Boxx even allows for wireless charging, points out Senior Brand Manager for Bosch Professional Power Tools Campbell Mhodi . It comes with a wireless charging holster that can charge 18 V cordless drill drivers, cordless combis and cordless impact drivers.

“The wireless charging L-Boxx bay offers professional tradespeople the advantage of charging a cordless tool while still in the L-Boxx. Inductive energy transfer enables both the battery in the tool and the spare battery in the L-Boxx to be charged while you drive to the jobsite in question,” Mhodi explains.

The compact robust housing securely holds one 10 kg L-Boxx 136 carry case. Convenient and easy mounting is ensured by means of a horizontal or vertical mounting configuration. The L-Boxx itself is charged via the vehicle’s own 12 V connection.

The system includes a voltage inverter, which provides the right energy transfer to the charging station. Alternatively, the mobile charging station can also be connected to an existing 230 V on-board socket.

The GBA 18 V 4, 0 Ah MW-C Professional lithium-ion battery offers double the run time of the previous 2.0 Ah wireless charging battery. The flexible power system means that the battery is compatible with almost all 18 V lithium-ion professional tools. The new 4.0 Ah battery is 80% charged in 65 minutes and 100% charged in 85 minutes, enabling very long periods of on-site work.

The three-piece inlay construction of the L-Boxx secures the batteries, absorbs impact and protects tools, batteries and accessories during driving. The charging status of both batteries is easy to read from a charge level indicator on the mobile charging station and on the battery itself. Tradespeople can therefore see at a glance how much energy is available to them when they arrive at the job site.

Bosch offers different versions of the wireless charging system. A stationary solution is designed for use in workshops and in semi-industrial production such as furniture and vehicle construction. The wireless charging holster is especially suitable for professionals who work directly from their cars, such as repair service technicians.

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