Time to speak up about problems facing SA, says Stellenbosch Business School Advisory Board

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Time to speak up about problems facing SA, says Stellenbosch Business School Advisory Board

In a public statement release today (1 November) the Advisory Board of the University of Stellenbosch School (USB) expressed their concerns regarding the problems facing the country. The Advisory Board’s statement is one of the many voices recently publically calling for action in realising the human and economic potential of the county.

According to Prof Piet Naudé, USB’s Director “the crisis in higher education requiring decisive leadership, the apparent misuse of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) for political purposes, and the moral questions around the integrity of the president and his upholding of his oath of office, are some of the issues we would like to raise our concern about.”

“If we govern our country properly and create certainty of policy in the mind of investors, foreign direct investment in South Africa can in fact be much higher than it is at the moment,” he says. “If we can dramatically diminish either corrupt or wasteful expenditure, South Africa should be growing at about 3%. We are not performing optimally. We can and must do better and need to get the basics right.”

USB’s Advisory Board says they are concerned about the political influence on organs of the state where fierce independence and objectivity are in fact required, growing signs that public resources are misused for private gain, the erosion of transparent and rules-based governance at the highest level, harassment and prosecution of people standing up for truth and democracy, and the lack of ethical and decisive leadership to address the economy and dire education situation in the country.

Naudé says that “the more people speak, the more the dissent comes out. This is not a time for doing nothing. Let us demonstrate our collective goodwill to speak up and act for the sake of the greater common good and the strengthening of our democracy.”

He adds he is delighted that the USB Advisory Board expressed their opinion on matters of utmost importance to South Africa and that USB wishes to participate and help steer the public discourse in a positive manner.

USB’s Advisory Board call on all people of integrity and loyalty in the nation to:

  • Stand up for the truth and an ethical approach to good governance in whatever area your responsibility is exercised
  • Oppose corruption and the misuse of public funds for private gain
  • Support leaders and organisations in civil society, the public sector, and business who are standing up to the threat of state capture
  • Assist those in need and without a voice to regain their human dignity.

Members of the USB Advisory Board        

Mr Simon Susman

Professor Piet Naudé

Professor Stan du Plessis

Ms Terry Volkwyn

Professor Prieur Du Plessis

Mr Isa Omagu

Mr Peter Moyo

Mr Ludo Ooms

Professor Elias Links

Ms Jo-Ann Strauss-Held

Mr Thys du Toit

Mr Pieter Uys

Dr Sias Mostert

Mr Frik Landman

Mr Desmond Smith

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