dti Grants Empowering Supplier status to all BEE certificates

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dti Grants Empowering Supplier status to all BEE certificates

Authentic Rating Solutions is happy to announce that the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Rob Davies, issued a Gazette Notice on the 28th of October - Gazette 40375 – under the amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice.

In this notice the dti grants all valid B-BBEE Verification Certificates, Exempt Micro Enterprise and relevant Qualifying Small Enterprise Sworn Affidavits and CIPC Certificates issued on or prior to 30 April 2016 to be recognised as conferring Empowering Supplier status on the Measured Entity.

Any Entity measured on or after 1 May 2016 will also automatically be recognised as an Empowering Supplier until a further notice is issued.

The amended codes, which were finally gazetted in 2013 had some major changes. One of the key points was the concept of an "Empowering Supplier". In order for a company to earn procurement points from their supplier the supplier HAD to be an Empowering Supplier. There were many complex conditions that an entity had to meet in order to be an Empowering Supplier. In many cases due to the nature of the business it was impossible to meet the Empowering Supplier criteria. Those companies correctly deduced that even if they achieved level 1, it would be worthless because their customers would earn no procurement points. 

At Authentic Rating Solutions, we believe this update notice will  now greatly assist our clients’ organisations in the process of obtaining their required Verified Certificates. 

Our team will be there to support you every step of the way
through the verification process.
Contact us, your B-BBEE Verification is in good hands!

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