Samsung Wins 35 CES 2017 Innovation Awards across Many Categories Samsung is recognised for its ongoing commitment to innovation

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Samsung Wins 35 CES 2017 Innovation Awards across Many Categories Samsung is recognised for its ongoing commitment to innovation

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 22 November, 2016 – Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has announced that it has won 35 prestigious International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 Innovation Awards, conferred by the Consumer Technology Association™ (CTA).

The awards, which bring the company’s 11-year total to nearly 350, highlight Samsung’s long history of achievements in developing ground-breaking technology. Products entered in the Innovation Awards program are judged by a pre-eminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade media, to honour outstanding engineering and design in cutting-edge consumer electronics products across 28 categories.

“Innovation is always at the core of our thinking with every product we design and make. We are honoured that CTA and the industry have recognised our ongoing commitment to innovation in many areas and we look forward to showcasing our latest offerings at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in January,” says Michelle Potgieter, Director: Brand Marketing and Communications at Samsung South Africa.

The honours included one ‘best of innovation’ award and one ‘eco-design’ award and encompassed Samsung’s award-winning products across many categories, ranging from TV, Mobile and Home Appliances to Memory, Wearables and Computer Technology. Several of Samsung's industry-recognised products will be on display at CES 2017, which takes place from 5 – 8 January, 2017, in Samsung’s booth (#15006), in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Additionally, some products will be showcased at Samsung’s CES press conference, which will take place on Wednesday 4 January, 2017 at 2pm PT.

Following are details on some of Samsung’s award-winning products:

Gear S3 – Inspired by traditional timepieces and the art of watchmaking, the Gear S3 smartwatch fuses timeless design with the latest in mobile technology, including LTE and Bluetooth connectivity, Samsung Pay, IP68 water resistance and built-in GPS.*

ArtPC Pulse – Samsung ArtPC Pulse is a stunning and powerful modular desktop PC that consumers can customise through a unique pulse lighting feature, as well as modules that expand and personalise the computing experience to meet user needs and preferences.

Samsung Gear VR – The Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus, continues to be the most enjoyable and comfortable mobile VR experience available. With the Samsung Gear VR, consumers can play amazing games, watch Hollywood’s best movies in their own private cinema, socialise with friends new and old, be at the centre of a suspense thriller and so much more. The Gear VR drops users right into the action.**

Samsung Gear 360 – The Samsung Gear 360 is a powerful, high-resolution 360-degree camera that lets users capture 360 videos and images, in a format that up until now was out of reach for many consumers and businesses. Creating immersive content of key moments has never looked better and been easier to capture.

Samsung 960 PRO SSD 2TB – The Samsung SSD 960 PRO 2TB is both the highest performing and highest capacity NVMe-based consumer SSD in the M.2 form factor with V-NAND technology that Samsung has released to date. With the 960 PRO, professionals will stay further ahead when it comes to storage endurance, reliability and density than ever before. Using a smaller form factor fit for ultra-thin laptops and PCs, users can take their files with them – and access them at rapid speeds – on the go. With the ability to survive up to 1.2 petabytes written, no other SSD on the market today can compete with the endurance provided by the 960 PRO.

Samsung 850 PRO SSD 4TB – As the world’s first 2-bit MLC 4TB consumer SSD, the 850 PRO is ideal for dramatically boosting PC performance. With an industry-leading 4TB capacity, users have more space than ever before to store files locally. In particular, high data consumption users such as content creators, gaming and PC enthusiasts can upgrade their laptops and workstations from a hard disk drive to the 850 PRO SSD 4TB. This will enable them to surpass density limitations, reduce power consumption, better support heavy write-intensive applications and improve PC and program load times.

Samsung PM971 512GB BGA NVMe SSD – Designed for use in ultra-slim PCs, the ball-grid-array PM971 solid state drive weighs less than half a penny and is about the size of a postage stamp. Its incredible sequential performance enables the transfer of a 5GB-equivalent full HD movie in about three seconds, and full download in about six seconds. The PM971 is 15 times as fast as typical hard disk drives. Furthermore, the industry’s first BGA NVMe SSD triples the performance of a typical SATA SSD, within the industry’s smallest storage dimensions, with capacity reaching up to 512GB per drive.

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