Ms Felleng Yende CEO of FP&M SETA speaking at the Annual Africa Youth and Women Empowerment Summit on 29 &30 March, in Johannesburg Sandton

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Ms Felleng Yende CEO of FP&M SETA speaking  at the Annual Africa Youth and Women Empowerment Summit on 29 &30 March, in Johannesburg Sandton

Global Invest Group is pleased to welcome Felleng Yende the CEO of The Fibre Processing and Manufacturing (FP&M) SETA at the Youth and Women Empowerment Summit taking place in Sandton on 29 & 30 March 2017. Ms Felleng Yende is a renowned speaker and developmentalist who has advanced and shaped skills development for youth and women in the fibre processing and manufacturing sector. Felleng will give a key note address focussing on the success stories of (FP&M) SETA in unlocking the skills development and training opportunities for youth and women.

Felleng Yende was appointed in February 2013 and commenced her duties at the FP&M SETA in May 2013. She holds, among others, a BA Honours degree in Social Work, a diploma in Integrated Marketing Communications from AAA School of Advertising, and a Masters degree in Public and Development Management MIT. Yende attended an Executive Development Project at UCT and an African Development Conference at Harvard University in the USA, which influenced her view of the business world platforming manufacturing. Highlights of her career of over 20 years leading the successful design and execution of a R200-million project aimed at strengthening maternal health systems in Southern Africa, conceptualising and executing a bursary programme aimed at equipping rural engineering students, and managing infrastructure development focusing on the refurbishment of schools, to mention a few.

Under her visionary and focused leadership, the FP&M SETA has entered a growth trajectory and is maximising skills development for a sustainable future for all industries and communities falling within the ambit of the fibre processing and manufacturing sector.

She and her team has opened doors for youth and women to get the necessary training and skills that they need.

According to The Top Business Woman  FP&M SETA provided funding for training of around 15 800 learners since 2011, of which 54 percent were women, 98 percent were black and 74 percent were youth (under the age of 35)

We are delighted to again welcome speakers of the calibre of Ms Felleng Yende,” said Calisto Kondowe, the Senior Research Analyst at Global Invest Group – an advisory company that focusses on economic growth and development. “Over the years, Global Invest Group’s forums have become largest gathering of decision-makers, investors, stakeholders, and policy makers to discuss solutions to economic challenges that are faced globally. Global Invest Group has hosted several events which have attracted high-level speakers, sponsors and delegates. The Youth and women Empowerment Summit is one such event.

The Youth and Women Empowerment Team is delighted to announce that we have secured a number of speakers from different types of organizations to make sure that our event covers as many angles as possible.

Ms Yende will speak about the work of FP & M SETA in advancing training and skills development opportunities in the Fibre processing and manufacturing sector.


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