Renewables in Africa

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Renewables in Africa

Today we announcing a new partnership we struck with Media Xpose! I could hear you asking what could they possibly be doing?

Well, among other things they produce South African Business Integrator

  • South African Business Integrator

South African Business Integrator is a national audited business to business publication with its focus on both the public and private sectors in Southern Africa.

The main focus of the publication is to synchronize business information, business cultures and align strategies and business goals between the public and private sectors.

The publication serves as an interaction medium between businesses.

Its main objective is to inform, educate and advise key industry leaders on business objectives, strategic decisions, good management practice and governance, sound financial management practice and ultimately bridging the gap of transformation and transparency between the public and private sector. 

So what's in it for our partners? Well, just see for yourself

  • Clean Energy Summit Africa, 4-5 April, Accra, Ghana (Only few days left, 15% RiA discount, book here)

  • 2nd Euro Global Summit and Expo, 12 - 13 Oct, London, UK

This new collaboration is surely good for Renewables in Africa but also very beneficial to our partners as we are able NOW to raise their profile in Southern Africa. Not a bad deal at all right? So keep well, we are looking after you.

In the meantime, Labadi Beach awaits me, time to get ready for...GHANA!! See you there if you coming and if you're not, I'll have a thought for you when sipping my fresh drink!

Have a great Week-End and Think Green!!

Make Renewables Great Forever!!


Tony Tiyou

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Renewables in Africa

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