How to Build Better Conferences & Professional Planner Standards

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How to Build Better Conferences & Professional Planner Standards

In support of the second annual Global Meetings Industry Day this week, Unique Speaker Bureau (USB) will demonstrate how Team Thinking Interventions can build better conferences. They are joined by their partner the MICE Academy and its Professional Planner Standards.

We often look to higher authorities to learn how to solve or engage with our current challenges, when in fact the room holds the answers. The realisation that there is untapped wisdom that needs to be leveraged is masterfully brought out through Team Thinking Interventions. These are crafted to inspire the room into having a forced conversation. By bringing issues into the light, a journey with hidden perils becomes a magnificent adventure where the strength and wisdom already inherent in your team innovates, disrupts and seeks sustainable solutions through the power of team thinking.

Date: 06 April 2017
Time: 08:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Venue: 1st Floor, Cullinan Place Office Park, 2 Cullinan Close, Morningside, Sandton
Cost: Complimentary

Registration is compulsory, Seats are limited. Reserve your place before 4 April 2017.

Contact: Brooke Rabe
Company name: Unique Speaker Bureau (USB)
Telephone number: 011 465 4410
Email address

USB hosts regular events like these to give the MICE industry access to the latest thought leadership. Their other events include speaker showcases, held around the country throughout the year.

For more information on USB and its Team Thinking Interventions, please visit:


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