The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) positioned to improve the human resource development base in South Africa

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The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) positioned to improve the human resource development base in South Africa

The HRDC is proud to have participated at the Annual Africa Corporate Affairs Summit which took place on the 29th & 30th March 2017 at Gallagher, Midrand. The HRDC is positioned to contribute to development of institutional synergies for an integrated Human Resource Development Strategy of South Africa (HRDSA) which will stimulate a culture of training and lifelong learning at individual, organisational and national levels of employability. The Global Invest Group was fortunate to have the presence of the Human Resource Development Council of South Africa (HRDC) on the Annual Africa Corporate Affairs summit (ACA) 2017. The ACA Summit 2017 attracted major corporations and organisations to discuss and map strategies around strategies for corporates to deliver of economic growth. One critical issue remains the role of corporates in Human capital and skills development.

“As an organisation that is central in human capital development so as to deliver on the National Development Plan the participation of the HRDC was strategic and integral” said Calisto Kondowe – Senior Analyst at Global Invest Group.  In the era of the knowledge economy which calls for human capital development the HRDC aims to increase productivity and the human resource development needed to successfully transform into a knowledge economy, the HRDC remains central for this transformation to happen.

The establishment of the HRDC in 2010 was a landmark and vital move which has a number of positive economic benefits to the nation. The establishment is one that has been a critical move as it has become the engine to derive several goals as articulated in the National Development Plan. The HRDC directly delivers on several critical economic development objectives of the country. The organisation aims to, among others:

Urgently and substantively reduce the scourges of poverty, inequality and unemployment in South Africa; To promote justice and social cohesion through improved equity in the provision and outcomes of education and skills development programmes; and To substantively improve national economic growth and development through the improved competitiveness of the South African economy.

The HRDC is run under the leadership of the Deputy President and under the management of the Higher Education and Training Minister to build the human resource development base required to ensure a prosperous and inclusive South African Society and Economy. It is unequivocal that without the human resource development base and skills of the South African people, the efforts to alleviate poverty, inequality and unemployment in South Africa will be futile, hence the presence of the Human Resource Development Council of South Africa (HRDC) made a huge impact to the discussions around economic growth at the summit.

The HRDC is supported by the Executive Committee (EXCO) which plans and organises the work (of Council). Council establishes Standing Committees (SCs) to investigate, conduct research on identified priority areas and make recommendations for unblocking identified blockages within the human resource development value chain which is imperative for an inclusive and growing economy. There are also provincial Councils and a human resource development Coordinating Forum of all the provinces, which align provincial HRD to the national HRD goals.

The Global Invest Group was delighted to have the HRDC participating at this critical summit as their objective of developing the skills base or human capital is central in achieving the National Development Plan. It is also worth noting that skills and human capital are the only tools that we will need to drive economic growth and to deliver on the national development plan hence the HRDC is one organisation that is important” said Calisto Kondowe, the Senior Analyst for Global Industries & Emerging Markets at Global Invest Group – an advisory company that focusses on economic growth and development. “Over the years, Global Invest Group’s forums have become largest gathering of decision-makers, investors, stakeholders, and policy makers.

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