6TH EDITION: 21 - 22 AUGUST 2017 7TH EDITION: 28 - 29 AUGUST 2018

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6TH EDITION: 21 - 22 AUGUST 2017 7TH EDITION: 28 - 29 AUGUST 2018

The event is hosted in partnership with the Africa, with a population exceeding 1 billion people, is well placed as an emerging market and has successfully maintained an average growth rate of 4% for the past few years as a continent. Africa is also urbanising at breakneck speeds, which means the need for infrastructure such as bypasses, bridges, new highways and new technologies need to be deployed in congested areas where traditional methods cannot work. This evolution of infrastructure and the underlying drivers of growth are highlighted at the annual Infrastructure Africa conference and exhibition. With discussions on specific project development opportunities from infrastructure players operating on the ground, the two-day business forum offers businesses the platform to set their regional strategies for long-term growth and the opportunity to unpack the enormous growth potential in Africa’s infrastructure sectors.

Venue: Sandton Convention Centre, Sandton, South Africa



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