Stefanutti Stocks chooses Volvo construction equipment for mine

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Stefanutti Stocks chooses Volvo construction equipment for mine

Babcock’s equipment division will be delivering 19 new Volvo machines to Stefanutti Stocks Mining Services (SSMS) in a sales agreement that is not only noteworthy for its size, but also as it’s the first time this leading construction consortium will be utilising Volvo construction equipment.

Mark Barrett, Sales Representative for Babcock’s equipment division, says that Babcock’s contract comprises the delivery of 15 A40G dump trucks and 4 EC750 crawler excavators for a new open pit coal mining project outside Ermelo. The agreement also includes a 5 000-hour service contract from Babcock.

Stefanutti Stocks’ mining operations include drilling explorations, blasting and load and haul of the various material types, and the Volvo machines are needed to meet monthly production targets on the mine. The strong and durable Volvo A40G articulated haulers with their 39 000 kg payload will be used to transport the coal from the pit while the EC750D excavators with their increased bucket capacity and outstanding digging force will be utilised for loading the A40Gs.

Freddie Strydom, Stefanutti Stocks Mining Services contracts director, says that price, reliability, after-market service, availability of spare parts and cost of spare parts all played a role in the final decision to purchase Volvo construction equipment from Babcock.

Babcock is the exclusive regional distributor of Volvo construction equipment in southern Africa and is well established as one of Africa’s industry leaders in building long-term relationships with its customers by delivering to the highest standards, long after sales have been concluded. Barrett believes that this, together with Babcock’s competitive pricing and strong reputation of the Volvo brand, gave the company an edge over competitors.

Strength, durability and developing products and services that increase productivity are all hallmarks of Volvo, a brand that has long been associated with low energy consumption, reduction of life cycle cost and ease of use.

The Volvo A40G articulated hauler is capable of loading, travelling, manoeuvring and dumping in the most efficient and safe way by utilising Volvo design features such as a unique steering system and load and dump break for directional stability, enhanced productivity and safety; beneficial body design and high tipping angle for efficient material ejection; and powerful hydraulics and precise dumping controls that ensure short cycle times and safety in all applications.

Other unique features include Volvo CareTrack as standard; differential locks providing 100% locking capability; powerful brakes and retardation; heavy-duty front and rear frames and maintenance-free rear suspension; Volvo Care cab with ergonomically positioned controls; easy service access; an environmentally friendly and electronically controlled, powerful diesel engine; and efficient cooling that lowers fuel consumption and noise.

Volvo’s EC750D features a powerful D16 engine and electro hydraulic system delivering increased horsepower and fuel efficiency; constant high system pressure for greater digging force and reduced cycle times; robust parts and easy service access; a reinforced heavy-duty boom and arm built from high strength tensile steel; and purpose-built attachments to work in perfect harmony with the machine.

The open pit coal mining project outside of Ermelo has an estimated life span of eight years over which approximately 10,1-million tonnes of coal and 53,6-million bank cubic metres of waste material will be moved.  

Stefanutti Stocks is a leading multidisciplinary construction group operating across southern Africa, Africa and the Middle East. Their mining portfolio includes the design and construction

of mine infrastructure, open pit mine design and scheduling, open pit mining, materials handling and tailings operations with the capability to construct the full spectrum of mine infrastructure. These capabilities are combined and used in the group’s Mining Services division as a turnkey (one-stop-shop) solution to differentiate themselves from their competitors in the offering to their mining clients.


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