The Power Up Programme with Johnny Eliades

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The Power Up Programme with Johnny Eliades

We often separate our lives into segments and believe that those segments never meet, never collide, but it is actually incredible how every aspect of our lives is interlinked to the other. Our family life, social life, careers, are all linked together. Although these aspects are different, they all require a sense of leadership to be carried out. When we hear the term “leadership”, there is a general consensus that leadership is something a few people are born with. On the contrary, leadership is something we are all born with. However, how effective our leadership is, depends entirely on the nurturing it receives.

Johnny Eliades is a success strategist, motivational speaker, peak performance coach and author/creator of the Power Up programme. The Power Up programme is designed to drive success in all aspects of your life. The programme looks to promote self-awareness, self-belief and giving your greatness a “power up”

“When you start aligning yourself to your own life mission and vision, greatness prevails.”  Johnny Eliades

The gap between where you are and where you want to be

Effective life leadership gets you where you want to be. We are not all born great leaders. The fact is, we cannot be leaders of the country, community or even our family if we cannot lead ourselves. Leadership starts from within, it starts with being able to lead yourself into the greatness you were meant for. We need not compare our self-leadership to that of others, because, you are the leader that you need to be in order to be the person that you want to be. You have everything you need in order to get to where you want be.

”A lemon seed can never grow to be a peach tree.” Johnny Eliades

Our success and other people

Great self-leadership is not a standalone, in fact, we sometimes have to be followers before we can be leaders, but does this therefore mean there is a point in life where we are not leaders of our own lives? No, never. The choice to follow is another form of leadership. Our leadership should not be one that is led by egotistic qualities. Sometimes our greatness journey starts at a point where we do not have the sufficient knowledge. The Power Up sessions led by Johnny Eliades also focus on business and career. Now imagine you are embarking on a new business venture, it is then that your self-leadership should lead you into “follower” mode, because a good leader acknowledges the need to be assisted. As a founder of the I E International Group, Johnny supports sourcing external knowledge and experience to assist and guide new ventures.

When we strive to pursue our greatness, not everyone becomes an ambassador of our journey. People often try to demotivate and attack you for following your own vision. When this happens, it seldom has anything to do with you directly. It is often because of their own deficiencies, because they themselves are not tapping into their greatness. Who do you want to be? Do you want to be the person whose seed grows into a strong tree or the one that tries to chop the tree down? We all have a greater purpose, in our life and careers, the Power Up Programme is designed to bring every aspect of our lives to a peak.

“Our biggest fear is not that we are inadequate, our biggest fear is that we are powerfull  beyond measure, we often ask ourselves; who am I to be wonderful, magnificent and  successful, but the real question is, who am I not to be?" Marianne Williamson  

Johnny Eliades has been an entrepreneur for the last 15 years. He is a Success Strategist, qualified Chartered Accountant, Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, John Maxwell Certified Coach, Peak Performance Coach, lecturer and B-BBEE specialist. He has studied with the best coaches and motivational speakers in the world and has changed many lives over the years. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of the Free State in 1998.

Johnny founded the I E International Group in order to offer a holistic approach to business and individual success. The Group is built on the premise that human greatness, when discovered and harnessed, will bring about business success.

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