The Urban Hero

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The Urban Hero

July 2017 marked the 9th year since the UN General Assembly dubbed the 18th July International Mandela day, this day ideally celebrates the lifetime service Nelson Mandela gave to South Africa and the world. The main aspects of Mandela day are giving back and having a share in making the world a better place, this includes tackling issues such as poverty and unemployment. In his bid to give back, the Managing Director of Revival Products, David Holmes, is one of the executives who cleared their schedule to visit Rhiza Babuyile Skills Development Centre in Orange Farm for a painting session. Beyond a few strokes of paint, Holmes took the platform to stretch out Mandela day in his presentation to the local entrepreneurs, offering them an opportunity to be part of a revolutionary brand.

As a company we are excited to join forces with urban entrepreneurs to offer them the opportunity to start and grow their own business. We believe that sustainable small businesses are vital for the alleviation of poverty and for the growth, not only of South Africans but for the country as a whole. (David Holmes)

As a dominant product of Revival Products, Sunshine Orange Squash is a refreshing concentrate juice that has been in the market for over 18 years. Manufacturing Sunshine Orange Squash has been a profitable business venture that has seen a huge increase in demand through various retailors and supermarkets. As a result, Revival Products has opened a new channel of entrepreneurship through the Urban Heroes concept.

Urban Heroes

The movement, Urban Heroes aims is to award opportunity to driven, focussed and determined individuals who have a zeal to be prolific entrepreneurs. Revival Products has opened its doors to arming the right business minds with an opportunity to be sole agents of Sunshine Orange Squash. This concept provides local entrepreneurs the opportunity to have an improved standard of living that has the potential to be multi-generational.

Currently, Urban Heroes in the Gauteng region are being sought out. This limited number of persons will be the direct suppliers to their area, once an entrepreneur has claimed a territory, they will serve as the sole agents of that area. Revival Products has brought into the picture an Advertising agency to assist ground-route entrepreneurs in starting up and carrying out their marketing plan, this will help create the greenest pastures for the Urban Heroes.

Long term entrepreneurship

The Urban Heroes concept is not a “get rich quick” scheme, rather, it is a strategic plan which through consistent work will become a stable source of income for the entrepreneurs, and create reoccurring income for the business through a loyal customer base. Sunshine is an already established brand that keeps growing, prospectiveUrban Heroes can expect long term, even life time businesses from the brand. This is a great initiative that heightens the theme of “making everyday a Mandela day.”

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