South African startup champion gears up for 2018 Startup World Cup finals

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South African startup champion gears up for 2018 Startup World Cup finals

South African tech startup EmptyTrips is heading to San Francisco, California for the 2018 Startup World Cup and the chance to win $1 million to grow their business. This comes after winning the Chivas Venture Pitching Den at the 2017 SA Innovation Summit. Pictured above on the right is Benji Coetzee, CEO of EmptyTrips, receiving the award from Chris Abshire, Startup World Cup representative and Investment Manager at Fenox Venture Capital. [High res image available on request]

EmptyTrips uses smart algorithms to match spare capacity on transport vehicles with those who need goods transported at lower cost. Logistics and cargo transport costs can add significantly to an organisation’s expenses, while transporters are faced by the inefficiencies of empty transport vehicles on return trips. EmptyTrips has the solution: their smart technology identifies spare capacity on trucks, trains, ships or aeroplanes and then allows potential customers to bid anonymously and pay securely for that space. Recognising the innovation behind EmptyTrips, the judges of the Chivas Venture Pitching Den Competition awarded them the winner’s title and an entry into the Startup World Cup finals.

“We are humbled by the recognition and this incredible opportunity,” says an ecstatic Coetzee. “At the same time, we are so proud of the progress we have made in the few months this company has been running. We look forward to carrying the South African flag high at the Startup World Cup!”

For more information about EmptyTrips, visit For more information on the SA Innovation Summit and the entrepreneurial competitions offered, keep an eye on or follow them on Twitter (@InnovSummit) or Facebook (@SAInnovation). 

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