Drifter Brewery turns beer drinkers into owners

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Drifter Brewery turns beer drinkers into owners

Drifter Brewing Company have received an overwhelming response from local investors surpassing 50% of their target within the first week of launching their Equity Crowdfunding campaign.


At the time of writing, the Drifter campaign has raised a total of R 1 578 000 from 85 investors within just a week of their launch. The successful start to the Drifter campaign is a major breakthrough for SA’s funding ecosystem. Globally, Equity Crowdfunding campaigns run by Breweries have been met with widespread success with big names such as Brew Dog,  Hop Stuff and Bellfield Brewery raising millions in investment to fuel growth and brewery expansion. Because of the extensive support of the Drifter campaign it can be said that the potential for Equity Crowdfunding to fuel growth within the SA craft beer industry is huge.


Drifter is an up and coming player within the local brewing ecosystem, fast becoming one of South Africa's top craft beer manufacturers and a favourite amongst the locals. On the 26 March 2018, they embarked on a journey to accelerate expansion and push their brew into global markets by launching SA's first public Equity Crowdfunding campaign in the brewing industry to raise 3 million rand in investment.


Why Equity Crowdfunding?


In SA, there are numerous ways that businesses can access growth capital including bank loans, venture capital, angel investment etc. Businesses like Drifter, have opted to go the Equity Crowdfunding route because it offers something entirely different to traditional funding mechanisms. Through Equity Crowdfunding, Drifter is able to give their loyal customer base an opportunity to truly be a part of the company’s journey by owning the product they love. There is something really special about having investors that are just as loyal and passionate about the product than the owners of the company.


Equity Crowdfunding is brand new to South Africa, offering SME businesses an alternative funding solution. Uprise.Africa is currently the only Equity Crowdfunding platform in SA that allows local investors to buy into businesses they know and love. Businesses are put through an extensive legal and financial Due Diligence process before going up on the Uprise.Africa platform. Drifter has worked with their legal partners Legalese in order to reinforce their credibility and create a reputable space for the crowd to invest in.


Drifter shares are available on Uprise.Africa at R1000 per share with the campaign having 47 days left to reach its funding goal. To view the campaign on Uprise.Africa click here.


More about Drifter Brewing Company:

Drifter is the brainchild of Nicholas Bush, a well travelled craft beer connoisseur who launched the company in early 2015. The name Drifter symbolizes adventure, creativity and craftsmanship and draws inspiration from Nick's parents who sailed around the world in a self built sailing yacht by the same name.

The beers brewed by Drifter are innovative and unique. They are always pushing boundaries and keeping things exciting in the South African craft beer industry. Local beer lovers should be familiar with their crowd favourites, The Stranded Coconut and The Cape Town Blonde and will be inspired by the brewers’ new techniques and flavours in producing brews made from sea water and peanut butter.

Located in Woodstock Cape Town, Drifter Brewing Company holds a full force manufacturing facility as well as a tasting room and event space with stunning Table Mountain views. Their model has proved to be largely successful with the company already taking market share from the bigger beer brands in seeing a 120% revenue growth in the last three years. Drifter currently distributes to over 360 stores in South Africa and exports to Zimbabwe and Namibia. They have also obtained partnerships in the US to begin exporting to Texas, Florida and Washington DC and have formed relationships for future exports into Europe and Asia.


What are they raising capital for?

Through their Equity Crowdfunding campaign on Uprise.Africa, Drifter is looking to attract everyday investors to join them on their journey in accelerating their growth long term. Drifter will use the investment of 3 million to increase the production and shelf life of their brew and scale up their production capacity in order to turn their existing facility into a world class brewing hub, exporting to the US, Europe and Asia. They also plan to launch a number of Drifter bars that will serve their speciality brew nationwide.

About Uprise.Africa                 

Uprise.Africa is the Equity Crowdfunding platform for South Africa. The platform facilitates the investment process, thereby ensuring it is a streamlined experience for the investor. Equity Crowdfunding places the power back into the hands of the people by enabling multiple investors to support entrepreneurs through buying equity in their businesses. Entrepreneurs receive the financial support they need while engaging in market validation, and investors develop their investment portfolio hassle-free with Uprise.Africa managing all legal and compliance matters. To find out more about investing in Drifter Brewing Company and other businesses, visit www.uprise.africa.

Uprise.Africa Disclaimer:


Uprise Markets is a registered and authorised Financial Services Provider (no. 46236) and is regulated by the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act No. 37 of 2002. Uprise Markets has been appointed as the promoter of Uprise.Africa.


The Uprise.Africa team and project founders are available for interviews. Please contact
marketing@uprise.africa for arrangements.

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