A one-stop shop

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A one-stop shop

Initially established to provide taxation services, The Tax Shop’s integrated services ensure clients can now obtain help for all their financial and business needs under one roof.

The Tax Shop, a specialist in accounting, payroll and taxation, has been labelled by many in the franchise industry as one of the fastest growing franchises in South Africa. From humble beginnings, the first outlet was sold in January 2007. Today there are nearly 80 franchises represented in all nine provinces of South Africa, and the numbers continue to grow. Initially the business was fashioned to provide taxation services primarily to individuals. The success of the business model quickly led to the introduction of additional services and, today, Tax Shops around the country offer services in the fields of accounting, payroll, taxation, black economic empowerment, business registrations and related business consulting services.

While these services were originally marketed to individuals and small businesses, demand for assistance has increasingly been experienced from the larger SME and very large corporate market. Consequently, The Tax Shop clients now range from sole proprietorships to large international companies. The franchise’s head office is situated in Pretoria, which has proved to be an excellent location for identifying and keeping abreast with the needs of the business community. The seamless integration of services means that clients can obtain help for all their financial and business needs under one roof. The franchise has invested heavily in advanced  information technology platforms to enable seamless interaction with clients, and to receive regular and prompt feedback about their service requests thanks to the introduction of innovative and cutting edge web-based software developed specifically for The Tax Shop. The directors of the company are quick to point out that service excellence has been the driving force behind the success of the franchise. In addition, the following factors have all contributed to excellence within The Tax Shop franchise:

• Commitment – the Tax Shop believes that it is important that all parties in the franchise relationship are fully committed to its success.

• Backup and support – a critical service offered to all our franchisees without any compromise.

• Ongoing training – regularly offered by the franchise ensures that franchisees remain ahead of their competition, both technically and in terms of service delivery.

• Financial standing – The Tax Shop regularly reviews its financial position and makes arrangements (if necessary) to ensure that it has the financial ability to weather difficult times.

• Continuity – the franchise is structured to continue operations well into the foreseeable future.

• Technical knowledge – staff employed by the franchisor are highly qualified in the financial services industry, with many having been certified as Chartered Accountants.

• Franchise culture – The Tax Shop’s culture aims to ensure that all franchisees are comfortable within the framework of the franchise and its culture. The Tax Shop looks forward to the future with the knowledge that it has significantly influenced the business and financial services industry in South Africa.

The Tax Shop

T 0861 303 404 (National)

T +27 012 997 0110 (Pretoria)

E enquiries@taxshop.co.za

W www.taxshop.co.za

Issue 2 - September 2015 - February 2016

Issue 2 - September 2015 - February 2016

This article was featured on page 39 of SABI Magazine Issue 2 - September 2015 - February 2016 .

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