Best iPhone alternatives

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Best iPhone alternatives

The Apple iPhone may have been the first popular smart phone and the smart phone commonly noted as being the ‘best’, or the phone to carry the highest status level – at least by early adopters. The iPhone 1st gen was unveiled to the public by Steve Jobs on January 9, 2007, and ever since then every new model launch results in a line, many miles long, of eager would-be new iPhone owners. Some camp out for weeks, while others pay absorbent prices to secure their fancy new iPhone. Technology has marched on since that first iPhone in 2007. Many entry level phones launched today carry the same or similar specifications of an Apple iPhone that was released just a few months ago. So there is no need to stay ahead of the pack. Today’s early adopters carry outdated technology tomorrow. That is not to say that the Apple iPhone is a bad choice. We are not saying that at all. The Apple iPhone is a remarkable device. The iPhone comes equipped with cutting-edge technology, sleek design, iCloud, and some of the most professionally coded apps available.

It can be argued that the Apple iOS is superior in many ways to the alternatives. However, the iPhone does come with a hefty price tag that may put the phone out of reach for many customers. So what are the next best alternatives?

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung is leading the pack when it comes to iPhone alternatives. Many would argue that Samsung is even leading the pack in smart phones generally, with Apple coming second. The Galaxy S6 comes with a 5.1-inch QHD resolution display and with three times more pixels than the iPhone 6 screen.

HTC One M9

This phone is exceptionally classic with its brushed aluminium finish. While it may offer slightly less in terms of power and functionality, it certainly looks amazing – both in its physical and software design. The HTC is notable for making the most of the Android OS.

Sony Xperia Z3

Getting slightly simpler and therefore more affordable is the Sony Xperia Z3. This smartphone offers a simple experience, free of the extra junk some other phones may have. One distinctive factor that sets the Z3 apart from the iPhone (and for that matter many other phones, too) is its waterproof casing.


That’s right, LG makes phones – and it makes them good! The LG G3 has 62% more pixels than the iPhone, and it has impressively thin bezels, which means that this phone seems substantially bigger than the Galaxy S6 but is, in fact, is only 2mm taller.

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Issue 2 - September 2015 - February 2016

Issue 2 - September 2015 - February 2016

This article was featured on page 56 of SABI Magazine Issue 2 - September 2015 - February 2016 .

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