Uniforms play an Important role in the private security sector

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Uniforms play an Important role in the private security sector

SPARKS & ELLIS, South Africa’s leading uniform supplier, recently conducted an industry survey to establish the importance of uniforms within the private security industry. The survey’s aim was to reveal opinions about the impact of uniforms on employee professionalism and the experiences that security companies have with their uniform suppliers. ‘The survey results show that most respondents feel that uniforms are highly relevant, and wearing one instills a sense of pride for the company’s employees,’ says Sparks and Ellis’ Managing Director, Sue de Wet. ‘We were surprised to learn that respondents even felt that more attention and budget could be assigned to issuing uniforms for employees, and that new uniforms should be issued on an annual basis.’ Importantly, the survey revealed comfort and fit, promoting the company’s image, and high durability as key factors. Respondents also felt it important that uniforms are appropriately chosen for the specific job or site. Another interesting perception is that the appearance of a uniform reflects the level of service a company provides.

Some statistics from the survey:

• 99% of respondents believe it is important for security officers to wear uniforms.

• 98% felt that wearing a uniform instils a sense of pride in employees.

• 94% felt that issuing a uniform provides a financial saving for employees as they do not have to purchase their own work clothing.

• 92% felt more attention and budget should be placed on uniforms.

Respondents believe a uniform’s most important features are:

• Promotion of image (94%)

• Durability (89%)

• Comfort (87%)

• Good fit (86%)

• Easy to care for (82%)

• Colour fastness (71%)

• Chemical fastness – water/insect-resistant (60%)

The element that most respondents would like to see improved is durability. ‘Every year when we conduct this survey, the dominant result is that uniforms remain an integral part of work culture within the security sector,’ de Wet concludes.

Issue 3 - March 2016 - August 2016

Issue 3 - March 2016 - August 2016

This article was featured on page 58 of SABI Magazine Issue 3 - March 2016 - August 2016 .

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