Imenent launches art co-lab to consult on corporate culture

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Imenent launches art co-lab to consult on corporate culture

Late last year, the first co-lab art exhibition between Imenent, a new era web-based performance management system, and visual artist, Zonia Nel, was launched at Slee Gallery in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.

The exhibition launched an extended Imenent service that uses art as an intervention to help organisations understand and improve their internal cultures.

‘We assist companies to develop and grow a healthy internal culture as this impacts on employee engagement and the overall success and sustainability of the business,’ explains Adri Dörnbrack, main culture architect (MD) at Imenent. ‘Through our various HR management experiences, we find that creative ways of communicating important concepts to employees, such as conversation art, are more powerful in transferring the concepts to employees compared to ‘classroom’ interventions for specific subject matter. This intervention is fun, creative, and spurs conversation, which improves overall culture and, most importantly, the performance and engagement of valued employees,’ she adds.

For art-based interventions, Imenent consults with organisations and conducts internal assessments to determine positive and negative dimensions of the culture. Visual artist Zonia Nel is then briefed to paint a visual representation of the culture assessment. The painting is then hung in the organisation’s offices as a conversational art piece.

‘The painting encourages employees to discuss the culture in a more objective way,’ says Zonia. ‘These conversations are then used to determine what needs to change to improve the internal culture. After a determined time, a new painting is done that then represents the desired culture,’ she concludes.

This corporate culture art intervention is an extension of Imenent’s current performance management services. To find out more, or to book a consultation, visit

Imenent is a web-based performance management system. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our system is not used as just another HR tool but something that adds value to business. We do not offer a performance appraisal system, but rather a system that assists managers and HR professionals to properly manage individual performance to assist with succession and talent management strategies. Our simplified performance management system operates from a web platform that encourages relationships that align manager expectations with employee performance. This helps to build organisation character and enhance job satisfaction.

Issue 7 - March to August 2018

Issue 7 - March to August 2018

This article was featured in SABI Magazine Issue 7 - March to August 2018 .

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